About Us

About Us


Ma Ju’s & The Burger Spot was established in early 2017 to provide quality food and customer service across Africa. The company came into existence through the partnership of young and like-minded Liberian entrepreneurs with the goal of establishing a chain of fast food restaurants across the continent. Our aim is to build a brand focused on innovation, delicious cuisine, customer service, and inclusiveness. The brand caters to all customers and offer a wide range of meals for our customers to enjoy.


To be one of West Africa’s leading restaurant franchises in terms of customer service and loyalty. The company aims to be one of Africa’s most recognizable name brand fast food restaurants that is unique to all of Africa and attract visitors from all over the world. 



Ma Ju's & The Burger Spot

Ma Ju’s serves African cuisine and The Burger Spot serves burgers, chicken wings/nuggets, sandwiches, salads, ice cream, milkshakes, popcorn, etc.  


Star Cream

We’ve introduced 20 ice cream flavors that our customers love and a friendly ice cream brand named Star Cream. Our customers have responded positively to our ice cream and love the ball/foam pits that we have introduced for the children.


Shooters Sports Bar & Lounge

Has many large televisions where customers enjoy their favorite football matches as well as our cocktails and food. Shooters has quickly become a popular entertainment spot that promotes Liberian talent and entertainment industry with various events monthly. 

Core Values

ACCOUNTABILITY – We believe that good relationships are built on trust

FAMILY – Always caring for our staff, customers and the community

RESPECT – We provide excellent service and appreciate others

INNOVATION - We strive to constantly introduce new ideas 

CALIBER – Always improving our food and customer care qualities

AUTHENTICITY - We pride ourselves on being unique